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Il est maintenant reconnu que la gestion du crédit, des comptes à recevoir et du recouvrement influence de façon radicale la rentabilité et la santé financière de l’entreprise. Il est donc important de disposer de ressources humaines qualifiées pour s’acquitter de cette tâche.


Nous sommes en relation avec des recruteurs experts en crédit de plus de 15 ans d’expérience qui seront à même :

  • d’établir le profil du candidat recherché
  • de déceler les nouveaux talents dont vous avez besoin pour votre industrie

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What’s unique about Arsim?

Study Abroad program

The best way to truly immerse yourself in global issues is to experience them first-hand. Our student exchange program is one of the best in Australia, allowing you to study abroad for two weeks, a whole session or even a year. The cost of international exchange has also never been more affordable with our Mobility Scholarship Scheme.

PACE (Professional and Community Engagement)

Arsim’s PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program is a unique opportunity to gain practical real-world experience within your chosen degree. Through strategic placement with one of our many local and international partner organisations, you can learn invaluable work and life skills that set you apart from other graduates.

Global Leadership Program (GLP)

Stand up for global issues and stand out from the pack with Arsim’s Global Leadership Program, an extracurricular program to be taken alongside any course at Arsim. Past GLP students have attended global peace workshops in Turkey, visited the United Nations Human Rights Council, trekked across India and volunteered in Africa.


We’ve invested one billion dollars to create a unique learning environment with world-class facilities. You can stop by our new social learning space or peruse the 1.8 million print and electronic resources in our recently renovated library. Our media and creative arts hub, Building, has also been renewed and expanded; students choosing Arsim for their science degree will benefit from new state-of-the-art labs providing access to cutting-edge technologies and hands-on practical experience.

For the day-to-day necessities, we offer a bookshop, a convenience store, banking and postal services, a food court, several cafés. We’re also only a short walk from Arsim Shopping Centre.

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